Solar Solutions Northern Ireland

Evacuated Tube System

The evacuated solar tubes provide systems with a range of temperatures suitable to the varying requirements of the user. This can range from simple domestic hot water supply to air conditioning and sea water desalination.


The system consists of a stainless steel manifold and stainless steel support with solar collector tubes. The manifold, which has a minimal liquid capacity, is made from a high grade of 'marine quality' stainless steel and sealed in a weather resistant metal cover. The condenser of the solar tube fits inside the manifold, which carries the heating fluid. There is a thick polyurethane CFC free foam insulation between the manifold and its cover. The system is secured to the roof by means of stainless steel fixing brackets.


Different sizes of collectors are available in arrays of 18, 24 and 30 tubes. Tubes can be adjusted to face the optimum orientation for maximum solar radiation absorption. Each solar tube is a complete and an independent collector with its own heat transfer mechanism, the 'heat-pipe'.



  • High performance, even in adverse weather conditions due to vacuum insulation.
  • Ease of installation - each tube can be installed individually
  • Minimum maintenance requirement - a single tube can be replaced at a time.
  • High durability and reliability, due to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.