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There are a number of Government Grants schemes that are currently operating at the moment. These are Clear Skies, DTI and Action Renewables. All of these schemes require that to apply for a grant you must use an accredited installer on the Clear Skies accredited installer list. Solar Solutions is an accredited installer of the Solartwin system which has full accreditation shown by Clear Skies. The Energy Savings Trust is the governing body which any Renewable Energy Company must seek accreditation from to certify that there product is eligible for a Government grant.


Solar Solutions can apply for the grant for you, or, you can apply for them yourself. Just ask a member of staff over the phone or even email us.


Grant form


Click here to download the grant form


How do I apply for an installation with the domestic grant?

Here are the five easy steps...


1. Obtain a quote and a pre-drafted grant application form) from Solar Solutions . In terms of mailing the necessary paperwork to you, we a aim to get your written quote, plus your 90%-completed grant application form to you within three working days.


2. Order your Solartsolutions system (your order is to be conditional on having your grant approved) using the freepost envelope we send you


3. Get your grant approved. Sign the grant application form, after checking it over, amending it if necessary and filling in your personal details, including saying into whose bank account you want the grant funds to be paid. Post it off. From posting your grant application form to the arrival of your approval letter usually takes 5-10 days.Even when your grant is approved, you may still cancel, with a full refund, within seven days.


4. Have your Solartsolutions solar water heating system installed - this normally takes less than a day.


5. Claim your grant! Once your Solartwin is installed and paid for, we post you your "commissioning certificate".You post this off to claim your grant, as a cash back Payment, from government funds, goes straight into your bank account, normally within a few days.