Solar Solutions Northern Ireland

Solasyphon System - Specifications

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Typical Cylinder

A Flow (Indirect only)
B Return (Indirect only)
C Pressure reducing valve
D Check and expansion valve
E Temperature & pressure relief valve
F Tundish
G Immersion heater
H Thermostat
I Cold feed tube (not supplied)
J Hot water outlet
K Flexible hose
L Secondary return 1/2 BSPF Conex 645 tee piece (not supplied)
M Comissioning valve
N Combined cold feed elbow and drain cock
O Cable entry
P Electrical boxes
Q Tee piece
R Discharge pipe (not supplied)
S Motorised valve (not factory fitted)
Solar Solutions NI Vented System Diagram


Shell height 800mm
Overall height including connections 1000mm
Shell diameter 75mm
Overall diameter including insulation jacket 112mm
Weight when empty 5.37kg
Weight when full (both primary and secondary fluid ways 7.67kg
Primary fluid capacity 0.5lit
Secondary fluid capacity 1.8lit
Heat exchanger surface area m2/lit secondary water content 0.5m2/lit
Maximum working pressure 5 bar
Test pressure 10 bar
Warranty 25 years
Solar flow connection (primary flow) 15mm
Solar return connection primary return) 15mm
Solasyphon cold feed(secondary cold feed) 22mm
Solasyphon gravity flow (secondary flow) 15mm


  • Outer shell and internal heat exchangerconstructed from solid drawn copper to EN 1057: 1996. All joints brazed with Silver Copper Brazing Alloy to EN ISO3677:1995 CP105
  • Insulation jacket manufactured with 40mm rockwool section (CAS number 287922-11-6) with removable flame retardant fabric cover.
  • Independent performance tests carried out by University of Ulster
  • Patent no. 0620266